01-419DL Relationships of Cisgender and Transgender Persons: Experiences and Needs

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Length: 1 hour

Transgender people are disproportionately affected by a variety of physical and mental health risks. Stigma and discrimination, and a lack of prevention, treatment and care tailored for transgender people combine to exacerbate health risks. Transgender-specific health needs are often severely neglected in policy, research and service provision across the globe” (World Health Organization, 2014, p.10). Trans-identified persons and couples are often viewed as an oddity with little understanding of how their health needs differ from other populations. This webinar will discuss appropriate gender background information, the common personal experiences and support needs of couples, and the lack of medical/health information in various parts of the nation concerning transgender health care.  There is a great need for Cispartner support groups to be started across the nation along with increasing the number of families that have access to health educators/medical providers who can aid them in providing in-depth information. 

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