01-422DL Improving Health Outcomes for Culturally Diverse Populations Through Cultural Competency

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Length: 1 hour

Healthcare outcomes suffer for culturally diverse populations due to the healthcare providers’ inability to recognize their own cultural competence. A three stage model is needed to train the healthcare workforce to identify their own cultural competence, gain an understanding of the relationship between cultural beliefs and health seeking behaviors, and implement culturally relevant interventions when necessary in order to improve quality of care for diverse populations.  Currently no model is found in the literature that focuses on influencing future healthcare providers to recognize when culture is impacting health outcomes and providing knowledge and skills to provide sensitive and culturally competent care. The literature has revealed that poorer health outcomes have been identified when cultural differences are not addressed. (Betancourt et al, 2002; Stewart et al, 1999) This model aims to improve healthcare providers' ability to recognize and intervene when culture is a factor in health outcomes.

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