01-395DL Public Health and Bioethics: Bioethics Education in the Context of Public Health

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Length: 1 hour

In its capstone report, the Bioethics Commission focused on the symbiotic relationship between democratic deliberation and bioethics education as mutually reinforcing facets of public bioethics. Education is required for informed deliberation, and deliberation enhances education at all levels. These facets form a virtuous circle which can and should play a key role when making ethical decisions on what is best for the public’s health.

In this third and final installment in the “Public Health and Bioethics” webinar series, the Bioethics Commission’s Executive Director will discuss the Bioethics Commission’s capstone report on democratic deliberation and bioethics education. Informed democratic deliberation is a strategy for making educated and ethical decisions. The Bioethics Commission made recommendations for implementation of this method for resolving bioethical challenges. In addition, the Bioethics Commissions created educational materials for public health educators, students, and professionals for use in traditional and non-traditional settings. These materials can be adapted for numerous contexts, including public health professional development. 

PRESENTER: Lisa M. Lee, PhD, MA, MS – Executive Director, Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues

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